women-only app to find workout friendships is coming soon

Who Fitness Sisters Is and what they do?


Fitness Sisters started as a women-only weight loss group on Facebook.  It quickly outgrew  its original purpose becoming  one stop shop for support, accountability, motivation and opportunity to connect with other women not online only but in real life as well.  We are a community-driven online platform where you can ask & answer questions,  inspire & get inspire and probably find a fitness sister in your neighbourhood to go workout with in real life.

Why it matters?


Fitness Sisters offers safe space and a judgement - free zone to all the women and to everyone who consider themself a woman.  No influencers, no celebrities, only sisters and stakeholders who are driven by desire to improve our own life, help others and have fun while doing so! 

how can i get involved?

Sisters will support you! And keep you accountable!

You are welcome to join our Facebook group. If you have knowledge to contribute, ready to mentor and give back to the community - please email us